Broken Vessels Made Whole

If I had of listen to the vile things spoken against me my entire life, I would not be here right now. People often say "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." This is a lie. Words can hurt more than sticks and stones ever could. Once the pain goes away from being hit, it is over with. But the scars that are left from words can hurt you for a life-time.


Being made fun of or ridiculed for your appearance, flaws or something that you have done wrong in the past can scar your present and your future. People can be horrible and will go out of their way to "remind" you of your shortcomings. You could have deeply repented for a sin that you have committed against a person and received forgiveness from God and that person, but others will still bring up the sin. That then triggers a reaction in the person you sinned against and they start to rehash old feelings...only to start hating you all over again.

The enemy is very crafty. He will stop at nothing to damage the Kingdom of God. If that mean constantly reminding you of your flaws and failures, he will bring them up every chance he can get. You could be feeling fine and going on about your life. Then all of a sudden, a friend will come to you about something that she heard someone else say about you. Satan will find any loophole he can so that he can do his steal, kill and destroy.

Listen, don't give up on you. God has invested too much in you for you to quit now. I am saying this because it is on my spirit this morning. There are many of you that are facing this same situation. You feel as if you need to throw in the towel. Your past is taunting you. People are talking about you. Your mistakes are haunting you. Well...every week I hear something about what I USED to do. I hear gossip about things I used to say, places I used to go and people I used to associate with. Am I going to let it stop me from pursuing the Kingdom and doing God's work??? NOPE! God's angels rejoiced when I came to Him. He saw something in me and decided to use me for His good. He sees something in you, too. God has no use for the perfect people....Jesus died for the sinners. So let Him use you!!! BROKEN VESSELS CAN BE WHOLE AGAIN.