The Restored Blossom



Dear Blossom, hold your head up high.

No more, my dear, will you have to cry.

I have heard your pleas and requests.

I believe you are now ready for my best.

You do not have to be filled with regret.

Please, Blossom, do not fret.


I have been watching you all along.

With me is where you've always belonged.

When you made foolish choices, I was there.

Watching you hurt was almost too much to bear.

Through it all, I never left your side.

I was there in the midnight hour when you cried.

Wanting to reach out and hold you,

But with sin, you were not through.


I was there when you were depressed.

You didn't think you were one of my best.

Worth and value, you could not find.

Your light from within could not shine.

You turned to temporary things for love.

Yet none fulfilled you like Him from above.

It is I that created you beautiful and free.

But bondage is where you chose to be.


I still love you, now more than ever.

With sin, those ties you must sever.

I want you to come home to me, let me restore you.

There is so much for Me I want you to do.

You have the choice to be free.

In my loving arms is where I really want you to be.

Joy, peace, love and laughter, let Me give your more.

To you, my daughter, my blossom, let me restore.