Under Attack

When you attempt to do the will of God, know that you will come under attack from the enemy of your soul. He will seek to use fear tactics to discourage any methods you may use to accomplish the tasks that the Lord has given you.


He may cause you to become so fearful of doing the will of the Lord that you start to back away from God's plan for you. He may bombard you with constant thoughts of failure, also. The Lord is your strength and has chosen you. Therefore, you must remind yourself of His able to empower you and give you what you need to do what He has called you to do.

Satan may disqualify you for God's plan for your life in many ways. One way is to keep you so busy and distracted that you cannot hear the Voice of the Lord. Distractions may seem to come out of nowhere to interrupt your peace. Sooner than later, you find yourself overwhelmed in to-do lists and countless of other tasks.

The enemy may also send someone to distract you or talk you out of your destiny. Maybe it is a friend that may or may not know that she is hindering you. Or could it possibly be an ex or family member that feels the need to remind you over and over again that you are not good enough? These are all tools of the enemy. Trust and believe that if the Lord could part the Red Sea, He can help you with anything going on in your life. Nothing is too hard for our God.